Sight:  Summer looks like more natural neutrals sprinkled throughout the house. Fresh flowers are displayed and provide natural aromas.  By incorporating greens, browns, and blues you instantly lighten your home for a brighter feel. 

Touch:  Summer feels like light linens, freshly cut grass on bare feet and cool breezes on summer nights. We still love to enjoy our fireplace on cool mornings and evenings so we exchanged our heavier blankets for lightweight throws cozy enough for two. 

Smell: Summer smells like citronella candles,  BBQ'd anything, sweaty babies, chlorine pools and sunscreen.  I love the smell of sweaty kids at the end of a long summers day. It sparks so much joy knowing they played hard, laughed with friends and family new and old, made new memories and will go to bed (CLEAN) with every ounce of energy spent. 

Taste: Fruits and Veggies from the local market, steak burgers, a cold craft beer or your favorite summer cocktail. During the summer months a large majority of our groceries will come from our local farmers markets. There are so many around Colorado and we try and visit a few different ones throughout the season.

Hear: Summer sounds like morning birds, water sprinklers, crackling fires, cannon balls , and sizzling grills. My husband has become an avid bird watcher so we have bird feeders in our front and backyard. Every morning we wake up to the sound of their sweet songs. Oddly enough those same bird feeders attracted a mischievous little squirrel who has decided to hide his stash of seeds in the air filter of my car. 

As always, thank you for taking the time to stop by.