The kitchen is the gathering space at our house. What better way to catch up than while preparing a meal or grabbing a snack? It's the guaranteed spot to run into a fellow human and strike up a conversation. Our kitchen space is limited which means not a lot of counter space as well. So decorating the kitchen can be a challenge. Here are the 5 rules I used to make it functional, but keep it cute. 

1. Get creative with your canisters: Instead of using traditional containers to hold your cooking and cleaning utensils try using a planter or a vintage crock. This creates a sense of interest. 

2. Just the Basics: Only display the items you use on a daily basis. As the seasons change so will what you use. In the summer time we make more room for fresh fruits and in the winter we make more room for more baked goods. 

3. Group your Items: Group your items together to create more counter space. Personally, I'm more prone to group things in odd numbers and in varying heights so all items can be seen. 

4: Use Pedestals: Using pedestals as risers showcases your groupings and will add a sense of dimension. 

5. Add a candle: We always enjoy a candle burning in our kitchen. My husband will sometimes light the candle before he leaves the house for work and the sweet scents are always a nice way to signal our kiddos it's time to start the day. 

6. Organize your Kitchen Sink: Add some cute display dispensers for your dish and hand soap on a wood or ceramic tray to tie it all together. 

7. Display those cookbooks: Whether it's one or all of them, displaying your cookbooks makes it more likely that you'll try something new. I like to display a new recipe I am interested in trying with the family. On a few occasions, little hands have displayed what they are interested in trying too, mainly desserts. 


What are some easy ways you like to update your kitchen? As always, thank you for taking the time to stop by.