5 apartments and 3 houses across 3 states, all places I proudly called home, I remember fondly.  I still remember my heart racing and palms sweaty as they handed us the keys to each and every new space. Some of these homes were with roommates I consider family, others on my own, and currently a home with my family. I sat in those spaces before they were filled, walked each room with intention.  I pictured all the great moments that would happen there, all the decorations that would adorn the floors and the walls to express who we were and who we were becoming. Holidays, birthdays, wins and losses. 

Do you remember that feeling of exhilaration when the keys were placed in your hand? Can you remember ordering your first delivery meal and trying to figure out your address? Did you enjoy it on the floor because your home goods were still in transit from your last duty station? Or did the excitement of having that space to call your own compel you to order out before you were ready to start moving your belongings? 

Does that same exhilaration fuel you when you see your friends and loved ones signing their leases or buying their dream homes? Be there when you can't be there!  There's a design for every style with universal accessories to complete the look. I cannot wait to see what you create and share with your loved ones and friends as they embark on their new journeys. 


What was your most memorable move? Thank you for taking time out of your day to stop by and reminisce with me. Cheers friend!!