Every year we kick off the Christmas season by going to the 3-Day Vintage Market here in Colorado Springs.  Every year (but the pandemic year) they put on a beautiful holiday show filled with all the sights, sounds, and smells of Christmas.

Sometimes I feel like people get caught up on the title and expect to only find vintage items but the truth is there is something for everyone. There is clothing, gifts, home décor, apothecary, food, and of course vintage finds of all kinds.

One day out of the 3 I meet up with my mom and we have a mother daughter day doing what we love….SHOPPING! We look forward to shopping our favorite vendors(they come from all over) and discover new ones. A few vendors have even become friends which makes the experience that much more exciting.

We usually do a couple trips to the car this year we did 4 trips. We came prepared, well mom did. She had her shopping cart with her. I pushed, we shopped. Not gonna lie, taking a shopping cart (aka grocery buggy) was super smart, because that 4 trip day would have turned into 6. This year the weather was perfect, sunny skies and not a snow cloud insight. 

Here are a few of my favorite vendors:

+ Lindsay’s Cottage       

+ Freedom and Grace            

+ Resurrected Books

+ Delilah’s Fashion Trunk     

+ Misty’s Treasures                

+ Sweetwater Flower 

+ My Charmed Cottage                     

+ Two Twelve Main                

+ Pikes Peak Lemonade

+12 Timbers

If you are having trouble getting into the holiday spirit or fighting holiday blues, find a market in your area and enjoy the moment. Use all 5 senses and take it all in. Chat with a vendor if they aren’t busy, bring/buy a hot cot cocoa and a sweet treat, listen to the sounds in the air or the music if there’s music playing, treat yourself to something special, take photos with Santa if there is one.

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