When I was a kid we lived in Germany until I was about 5 years old and Winter was my favorite season. We lived in a small town off base with a field across the street and plenty of room to play and forage in the wilderness. One of my favorite parts about our time there was the home vibes during the winter months. 

My mom would always have a tea kettle filled with simmer potpourri to make our apartment smell like winter. It was a two fold process, bring the winter scents of the outside in and have a cute decor pot to keep displayed on the stove. This year I decided it would be fun to have our own simmer scents for the season, not to mention they are non-toxic since all the ingredients are natural. 

I purchased a few pre-made simmer potpourris from My Charmed Cottage during Vintage Market Days (I honestly wish I bought more) and a pot specifically for my simmer potpourris from Goodwill (we don't want to ruin a good one). That's all you need to bring those winter scents outside in.

Just place them on the stove with some water, set on low heat and let the air be filled with the smells of pine needles, cinnamon, citrus, cranberry and clove. The first time I simmered them on the stove the boys all said the house smells so delicious, which is saying a lot because they never comment on how the house smells. 

If you cannot find a pre-made Simmer Potpourris try making your own. If you don't have a kettle or pot try using a crockpot. Or even consider giving them as gifts and stocking stuffers to friends and family this holiday season. 

What is your favorite Winter Scent? Are you Team Cinnamon? Team Pine? Team Citrus?


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